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RemoveWATRemovewat is a device which is basically used to activate Windows 7 and its all editions, as like as Home, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise etc. This activator is also supported by Windows 8 and 8.1 and almost all its editions.

Removewat can activate the Windows very easily and quickly and provides you with all the Premium features. You can activate your Windows permanently. You don’t need to activate it frequently after some time.

This device activates your pirated Windows in such a way that Microsoft will think its the main copy. Even though you will get all the updates from our Windows regularly, it will never resist the Windows Updates.

After update your Windows will keep activated, It not necessary to activate this again. This is the best facility about the Removewat which other activators may not provide you.That’s why it is a very good facility.

What Is Removewat:

It is one of the best and very well known for activating Windows 7. This activator is also known as the Removewat Windows 7 Activator to many people.

It is a free device and a 100% virus-malware free activator. This activator provides you all the premium features of the Windows 7 after when you activate it using Removewat.

Removewat is promoted by the Team Daz, which is familiar to make such activators. They have promoted so many activators as like as KMSPico, Windows 7 Loader, and many other activators.

So,we know that the Team Daz develops it then there is no need to concern about security. This team is very old and is believed by many people around the internet.

You can also search for this team in internet to know more about it. This activator is also approved by Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, including all its editions. This activator permits you to activate the Windows lifetime, No need to activate it again and again.

Removewat doesn’t permit you to activate Microsoft Office if you want to activate MS office then you should try KMSPico or Microsoft Toolkit. You Can Also Download KMSPico 11 For Windows 7, & 10

RemoveWAT Features:

Removewat is just a offering from the Team Daz. Let’s now discuss the features of this fabulous activators. Let’s now check out the complete list of the features which Removewat provides to its own users.

Activate Windows 7:

  • This fabulous activator assists you in activating Windows 7 and all its edition. You don’t need to download different activator for different Edition.

Activate Windows 8:

  • Obviously, in lieu of only activating Windows 7, this device also supports Windows 8 and also 8.1. It also supports all the editions of Windows 8 and 8.1, in some respects.

N-Bit Supports:

  • It is also approved by the N-Bit, which means that it can activate both (32Bit & 64Bit). Now you don’t need to have two activators to install these different processors and you can do it with this activator.

Ready to Uninstall Any Time:

  • After activating your windows if you think it unnecessary to you. Then you can uninstall it at instantly, and it will not deactivate your windows. You can easily uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs or by using Third-Party Uninstallers.

Get Updates:

  • Moreover,you will get the latest updates from Microsoft. It will never resist the Windows Updates, and you can use this feature without any problem. The latest updates that you find will also be activated without any concern.

Simple UI:

  • System UI is very simple and easy to realize. You don’t need any professional skills or learn a course to realize this activator. It has only one button, so you don’t get perplexed how to control it.

Virus and malware Free:

  • This activator is 100% safe and secure to use. It doesn’t contain any type of virus. You can use it without any concern about Virus.

Tiny in Size:

  • This activator is so tiny in size. If you are using a smaller hard disk, then you don’t need to concern about the storage. It is very small in size and doesn’t consume much memory in your Hard Disk.


  • Removewat is an untraceable activator, that means when you use this device to activate Windows. Then Microsoft will never hold you that you are using a pirated version or activated it using third-party software.

100% Free:

  • This is 100% free software, and it doesn’t require you a money. It also doesn’t need any type of Advertisement.
  • Therefore you can use it without facing annoying advertisements or paying money. It is the best characteristic of this fabulous activator.
  • Those are the features that Removewat contains with. After reading these features, you must be eager to download this activator then don’t concern. I am also giving you with the full guide to download the Removewat.

Let’s now move to the Download Process:

Download Removewat:

Downloading Removewat is easy task. There are many sites that give the download link, but there URL may contain a virus or gives the link with Short Link, which contains annoying advertisements.

Firstly, you need to click on the Download button beneath. Then, you will be redirected to the Download page. after that, you will see another download button labelled as Download Now.

Click on that button, and you can see there is a Mediafire link. In Mediafire just click on Download Now, and your download will start in a few seconds normally.

Then it will ask you to select a location where you want to save your file. I recommend choosing a desktop, so when you come to the installation process, you won’t face any issue while searching your file.

That’s all about the downloading process now your file will be downloaded in some times. Download period depends on your network speed, so don’t blame on my URL.

RemoveWAT windowsInstalling Process of Removewat:

After downloading successfully Removewat , it comes to the installation process. Beneath is the step by step guide to Install Removewat in your Computer.

In beginning, you need to disconnect your internet connection. Moreover, disable your antivirus and then move to the next step.
By disabling the antivirus and internet connection. Then extract the file using WinRar and enter the RAR Password.

Double click on the Removewat icon, and you can see Installation Windows.

Follow those steps, and then Removewat will be successfully installed on your machine.

Activate Windows with Removewat:

So after successfully downloading and Installing Removewat on your machine. Then comes the main part of this theme, that is how to activate windows using Removewat.

Whatever, the wait is over here is a complete guide to know how you can activate Windows 7 and Windows 8 with Removewat Activator.

  • Step 1: Firstly, you have to disable your antivirus and your internet connection as well.
  • Step 2: Then go to the Start Menu and search for the Removewat in the search bar, or you will see the Removewat icon in the application list.
  • Step 3: Open Removewat, and you can see a new Window. In this Window, you will see a button Labelled as Remove WAT.
  • Step 4: Click on that button and wait for a few seconds till you get a success message on your screen.
  • Step 5: Then you see a success message now, you need to restart your computer. When your computer reboots now Right Click on My Computer and open Properties now in the Properties Windows, you will see the activation status.

That’s all about the process. Isn’t it simple? This is the simplest and easiest way to activate your Windows without concerning about being hold or something else. RemoveWAT is clean, and malware free activator is doesn’t contain any malware or viruses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Have you read about the features and downloaded the RemoveWAT even you activate your Windows? Do you still have some questions about this fabulous activator?

Then you should find out this catalog where I have collected the most Frequently Asked Questions about RemoveWAT. As per as possible you also find the answer which you are looking for.

Q1) Is it risky to use RemoveWAT?

  • No, of course not, RemoveWAT is 100% safe and secure to use as it is promoted by the trusted developers named Team Daz. You can use it without concerning about your computer.

Q2) Can I uninstall RemoveWat after activating Windows?

  • Yes,of course, you can uninstall it at any time you want. Even though you can uninstall it right after activating your windows. Kindly Note that Uninstalling will never deactivate your windows.

Q3) I am using Windows 10? How can I activate it?

  • If you are using Windows 10, then you should use Microsoft Toolkit or KMSPico or KMSAuto Net. Because RemoveWAT is just only supported by Windows 7 and Windows 8, 8.1.

Q4) I willing to activate Microsoft Office? How will I activate Office?

Don’t concern if you want to activate MS Office; then you should read my KMSAuto Post. In that article, I have mentioned everything step by step guidelines of activating MS Office with KMSAuto Net.

Q5) Do I require to activate my Windows again after Reinstalling?

  • Sure, you have to activate your windows again after reinstalling as you know that reinstalling or upgrading your windows delete all the files from the C drive. By this way, your activation files also delete in that case you need to activate your Windows again by following the same process mentioned in above.


RemoveWAT is graet a gift from the Team Daz. It is the best activator without any problem and is very simple to use. This device is one of the most renowned among people for many years. It has activated so many Windows and is believed by many individuals.

I used it when I was using Windows 7 for my Laptop. But owing to Microsoft discontinues updating Windows 7 then I left it and move to Windows 10.

After that i realized for the Windows 10 activation, I found KMSPico a perfect activator. It offers Windows 10 activation and also Microsoft Activation as you know that RemoveWAT is only approved by Windows and is not helpful when it comes to Office.

Therefore, I highly recommend you to use this device as your Windows 7 Activator. There is also another device which is familiar to as Windows Loader or Windows 7 Loader, which you must try if this fails.

That’s all about this software if you find my article effective please share it with your friends. Moreover, you can tell me about this activator in the comment section. If you are having any issue with downloading or you want any type of help, feels free to ask me any types of problem.

You can ask us by filling the Contact Us form or by commenting beneath.


RemoveWAT or Remove Windows Activation Technology is the device which can be used to remove the file which asks you to activate Windows. This device supports only the Windows 7 so don’t ever try it on other versions because you will get an error.So,that’s all about this device,good wishes for you.

Tyler Perez

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