How to Use Microsoft Toolkit Users Guide 2023

Microsoft ToolkitAre you searching for the best guide to know how to use Microsoft Toolkit? Then you came to the right place as in today’s article, I am going to discuss with you the complete guide which you can follow to use this tool on your machine.

The steps are easy but most people face problems in it. Therefore I write an even better guide that helps my visitors.

You have to read the complete steps twice else you may damage system files.

If you are reading this article carefully you will 100% realize the usage and know the value of this device. However, let’s now move to our guide without wasting much time.

Should I Use Microsoft Toolkit On My Computer:

Microsoft Windows is renowned operating system all over the world as compare to any other OS. But matter of sorrow that the downfall of Microsoft is their OS is not free to use, otherwise macOS and Linux or other Operating System are totally free.

Therefore, these Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 appears with the 30-day of a free trial. After finishing the 30 day trial you can still use the Windows but cannot use some advanced features.

As per example, you won’t get any update from their servers, you won’t be capable to use Windows Defender. Moreover, it resists you from changing wallpapers, customizing Windows and many more.

Even though the boring part is you will see the watermark which says “Activate Your Windows 10, 7, 8” or whatever you use. I really dislike it and so the answer from my side is yes , you obviously use Microsoft Toolkit on your computer. You Can Also Download How To Install Windows Loader Users Guide 

Because everyone can’t able to afford the license for themselves to activate Windows 10.Toolkit is a free device that not only helps to activate Windows but also you can activate Microsoft Office too. Isn’t it’s good? Yes, it is! Then let’s move to learn the right guide of using this tool.

If you eager to learn more about this device so follow this link: Microsoft Toolkit Everything You Need To Know | Beginners Guide.

How to Use Microsoft Toolkit:

So here are the complete steps that you have to follow:

  • Make sure that you Downloaded Microsoft Toolkit from our website (because another source may contain virus so we are not guaranteed about this).
  • Then you have to disable Antivirus if any third-party is installed and also disable Windows Defender by following the beneath steps.

Microsoft Toolkit FreeOpen Start Menu > Click Gear Icon (Settings) from left-menu > Scroll Down and open Update & Security > From right-side select Windows Defender > Click on Open Windows Defender Security Center > Then click on Virus & Threat Protection > after that open Virus & Threat Protection Settings > Using the Switcher Disable Real-time Protection.

Virus & Threat Protection Settings:

  • We are ready to go, just open the folder where you download this device and extract it using WinRar, or 7Zip.
  • This will create a folder with the label of Zip file, open that folder and right click on Microsoft Toolkit.exe and click Run as Administrator.
  • It will launch a Window there so from there you see two icons
  • Windows and Office. Then choose the icon that product you eager to activate. For Windows click on Windows icon as well as for the Office just click on Office icon.
  • Then it will launch another Window now from the above menu select Activation and then choose the device Auto KMS.
  • Under tools click on Install button and wait as far as the KMS Server installed on your computer.
  • After that simply from the right side menu click on Activate and the process will take a few seconds.

You will get the success message shows there, that’s all about it. We have now successfully activated Windows 10/Office on our computer.


It is the most easy guide that anyone can follow and will 100% learn how to use Microsoft Toolkit. Because all the methods are very clear that anyone can realize simply. I wish that you just loved this and find it effective.

Moreover, if this device doesn’t work for you then don’t concern there is an alternative to it that is KMSPico. It works as like as Toolkit and is light in size too. If you willing to give it a try then follow the link and you will learn everything about this software.

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