How To Install Windows Loader Users Guide 2023

Windows LoaderAre you willing to install Windows Loader on your computer? Then follow our guide we are going to discuss the method step by step for you.

However, many people are trying to install this device on their machine. That’s why I thought to make a full guide for those who are trying. After knowing the facilities of this software you must install it on your computer 100% guaranteed.

So I will suggest you read all the steps twice to avoid making any mistake. Otherwise you may fail or may damage the system files. However, we should move to our topic without wasting the time.

Effectiveness of Installing Windows Loader:

Some of you may think why i download this software. Even some of you may don’t know what kinds of facility i will get from it. Basically Windows Loader or Windows 7 Loader is a free device which is promoted by the Team Daz.

This software used to activate Microsoft’s Windows 7 Operating System without any cost . This device is 100% free and safe to use and it doesn’t even cost a penny. Since Win7 is being used by many people all over the world.

But matter of sorrow that everyone can afford the license of it and when you can’t buy a license. The free trial will be ended after 30-days and then you will notice the annoying Watermark of Activate your Windows. Moreover, you won’t be able to use some of the features like changing Wallpapers, Getting Update, Firewall and many more. You Can Also Download How to Use Microsoft Toolkit Users Guide 

If you don’t download this device yet or willing to learn more about this then follow this link:

How To Install Windows Loader:

So I think that you will realize this software and I provided two link those are effective for you. However, so without wasting any time now let’s move to the step by step guide beneath:

  • If you have installed any Antivirus Program then you have to disable it. Because these tools are blacklisted by Microsoft and Antivirus Programs. Besides, disable Windows 7 Defender as well else this will immediately delete the file.

Windows Loader freeTo disable Windows 7 Defender follow this guide:

Open Start Menu > Search Control Panel and open it > Then click on the Windows Defender from there > Select Tools > Now click on Options > From Left-side choose Administrator > After that Untick “Use This Program” > Click Save and Close Settings > Now Restart the computer and Windows 7 Defender is disabled successfully.

  • After Reboot, to the folder where you downloaded this device and then extract it using any app like WinRar, 7Zip or PeaZip, etc.
  • This will create a folder there with the name of a tool before extract.
  • Open this folder and now right-click on Windows 7 Activator.exe and click on Run as Administrator.
  • The program will be launched there automatically and here you can see the Status of Windows, Windows Build, Computer architecture, and others.

That’s all about this software you have successfully installed Windows Loader on your computer. Then you are ready to activate your Windows and get a authentic license without any cost.


It is the most easy way to install Windows Loader on your computer. I wish you will follow all the steps carefully and get install this software. If you face any issue in any step then don’t concern feel free to ask in the comment section.

I would happy to hear from you and try to help my visitors to solve the problem they are facing. If you willing another device that works the as like as this then I would prefer you to use RemoveWAT. It is also one of the best tool that helps to provide a authentic license totally free.

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