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AMTEmu FreeAMTEmu Patch is very familiar to in the name of AMT Emulator by PainteR or by AMT Emulator also AMTEmu by painter and so many other names. It is the universal activator which is invent to activate all the products of Adobe.

If you have already used an Adobe product such as photoshop, after effects, dreamweaver then you must notice that it comes with the 30 days trial. After the trial expired you will be not able to access those products.

After that period of time you have to buy a product key from the their official site of Adobe in order that you can use those features again more. If you are one of the those people like me who doesn’t willing to pay money to buy the product.

So,it’s matter of pleasure that AMTEmu Crack is a very useful and effective tool as it activates your Adobe products and you can use its lifetime. It is one of the most believe worthy and the best activators available on the internet.

Introduction of AMTEmu:

AMTEmu is a patcher that is promoted by a Russian developer named PainteR. He promoted this patcher to eradicate the mechanism from Adobe Products.

This tool mainly removes the original Amtlib.dll and change it with the file which this patcher creates. By this way, it proves the Adobe server that it is the original file and the user has bought the license.

It doesn’t spam or fake which affects your computer or even your Adobe Cloud account. AMTEmu Reddit simply replaces the genuine files with the modified ones.

It is very renowned among the people for activating Photoshop but it is not only made for it. This can also activate all the products of Adobe.

In the update version of this activator, the developer added the support for the latest version of Adobe products. Also, he removed so many bugs which were founded in the previous version. You Can Also Download Adobe Zii For Mac

AMTEmu Key Features:

However, you now must be aware that how fruitful is this activator. Let’s now know about the features list of this fabulous activator.

Eligible to Activate Any Adobe Products:

  • This can activate any Product of Adobe, even though it can activate all the versions of those products. In the update version, you can now also activate 2018 and 2019 products by this version.

Tracking Free:

  • You don’t need to concern about being tracked the device. This emulator has protected from all those trackers who track your activations and activities. Which makes you innominate from the Adobe Servers.

Get Updates:

  • One of the best things about this emulator is that it doesn’t resist the updates. Then if you use AMTEmu to activate Photoshop you will also get the updates from the Creative Cloud.

Both OS Supported:

  • You will happy to know that AMTEmu is not working only in Windows Operating System but it is also supported by the Mac Operating System. Therefore, if you are having a Mac then you should be happy to listen to that.

Life Time and full time Activation:

  • The programmer of this device guaranteed for the Life Time activation. You don’t need to activate it frequently after a specific time. It will be activated until you install a new Windows or Uninstall the Adobe Product.

Never Send any Data to Adobe:

  • You are 100% safe and secure and you will never ever get restricted from the Adobe as this activator doesn’t send the statistics data to Adobe Servers.

Never show In Background:

  • It will never run or show anything on your behalf. After activating when you close it, it will be stopped and won’t run in the background that’s why it is very useful. You can check in Task Manager to get satisfied too.

N-Bit Support:

  • It is supported by both variants, whatever you are using a 32bit version of Photoshop or 64bit. AMTEmu will activate both the products without having another activator and it’s obviously great.

Little In Size:

  • This is very small in size and it will not take much space of your Hard Disk. Therefore, if you are running out of space you can delete it right after activating.It’s really fantastic offer.

No Annoying Advertisement:

  • Moreover,there are no ads, which means when you activate the Adobe Product you won’t get bored by annoying ads.

More than 100% Free:

  • PainteR has made this activator 100% free for everybody. You get this awesome activator totally free. If you find any website which asks currency then you should report to the developer.

Malware and Virus Free:

  • It is totally virus free website. Yon can’t affect by virus or malware. On my website, you can download 100% virus and Trojans free.

Download process of AMTEmu Universal Adobe Patcher:

If you are fresh to my website and want to know download process of AMTEmu from here. So, you obviously read this simple guide to know how you can easily download by using my provided URL.

Download AMTEmu:

At first, you can get the download page beneath in this guide. Now,Just click on that button and you will be redirected to the download page. On this page, you can see a button labelled as Click Here To Download AMTEmu.

When you click on that button you can see a Mediafire link. From there you just simply click on download now and wait for 5 or 7 seconds and then your download will be started normally.

Then, choose the folder where you want to save your file (I recommend to save it on Desktop so you can find it easily). After choosing the folder just click on Download Now in IDM.

Your download will begin and it will be downloaded within sometimes depending on your internet speed.

That’s all about the downloading process of AMTEmu in your computer. Now, you have successfully downloaded this software.
Now let’s follow the installation guide.

AMTEmu Universal Adobe Patcher LatestInstalling Method of AMTEmu:

After downloading AMTEmu now you must be concern how you can install it. However, let me clarify your doubts that it doesn’t necessary to be installed in your system.

You only need to extract it on the desktop and use it by double-clicking on AMTEmu.exe, that’s it.

Activate Adobe Products with AMTEmu:

Activating Adobe products using AMTEmu is not a very hard task. It is very easy and anyone can do it within minutes.

However, if you are still confused then you can read this guidelines to learn how you can activate any Adobe Product using AMTEmu by PainteR.

At first, you have to disable your antivirus and also close Adobe products. You must quit creative cloud from the system tray too.

You need to disconnect your internet connection or turn off your WiFi for a few seconds too.

After doing all the above task, then right click on and click on extract files, and you will see WinRar Window. Now, only click on ok and your file will be extracted in an AMTEmu named folder.

Open that folder and double click on AMTEmu.exe. Now comes the main part, in that Window you have to choose the Adobe product which you eager to activate also version year.

After selecting that click on patch, and then it will require you to search the amtlib.dll file.

To find this file you need to Open My Computer > Local Disk (C) > Program Files or Program Files (32) > Adobe. In this folder you will get the amtlib.dll file, just select this file and click on open.
If you are using Photoshop 2018 however there in activator there is no option for 2018 then you can also use the 2017 version. It will also activate it there are no such type of changes are made in activation files that’s why he didn’t add another option for the 2018 version.

By this process you have now successfully activated your Adobe Product. Just restart your computer and then open the product you activated this you can see there is no expiry date mention.

This means that you can use this activator for life time.


Amtemu is very good instrument to activate any Adobe product but some people have faced a problem with this. However, if you also faced any problem with it then you should possibly go with an alternative.

Because it is not the only activator is useful but also there are many other tools that are useful. I am now going to mention you some of the best alternatives which I personally used and check by myself.

List of best Amtemu Alternatives:

No.1- Adobe Zii:

  • Adobe Zii is one of the alternative to Universal Adobe Patcher and it is also promoted by the same Russian developer PainteR. This device is not effective for Windows as it is only supported by macOS, with the help of this you can activate any product on Mac easily without facing any problem.
  • It is working 100% good and no one has faced an any types of problem with it, even though you can call it Amtemu of Mac if you want to.
  • Adobe Zii supports the activation for all Adobe products including 2019, it detects the installed device on your mac and activates it in real-time automatically.
  • After using this you won’t face reactivation error because it provides you lifetime and full time activation. Another feature of this activator is that it permits you to patch the product manually in case automatic function doesn’t work.

No.2- CCMaker:

  • Adobe CCMaker is another alternative of the Universal Adobe Patcher however it is a slight different from an ordinary activator.
  • Because CCMaker doesn’t only help you in activating the product but it permits you in downloading the Adobe product as well. mainlly, this device is useful when you don’t have an Adobe account but you still wanted to download it on your computer.
  • It is supported by Windows & macOS, this device also provides you with many other things too. As per example, when you download any product by using CCMaker it will ask you if you wanted to download the plugins.
  • Moreover, it has the feature to choose which language package you want to add, it will assist to minimize the size of a product.
  • So, when you start to download and install this program then at last you can choose an option to activate the product using Amtemu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • If you have just read about the features and downloaded the AMTEmu. If you have activated your Photoshop or After Effects using AMTEmu. Do you still have some questions about this fabulous activator?
  • Now, let’s go to check out this FAQ list, I have collected these questions from the most famous Q n A forums like as Quora, etc. If you are incapable to find your answer please feel free to ask in the comment section and i will try to answer in my level best.

Is it piracy to use AMTEmu ?

  • Sure, using any types of third-party activator to activate the Adobe Products is piracy. Moreover, it is not legal to use such activators yet people are also using it, so you can use it without any problem.
  • By the way i deleted the amtlib.dll file? what should I do?
    That’s a huge problem because without it you won’t be able to activate your Adobe Product. However don’t concern you can now download the amtlib.dll by just clicking on the name. Simply Download the file and paste it in Local Disk (C) > Program Files / Program Files (32) > Adobe.

Am I able to use Amtemu on my Mac?

  • Obviously, sure, it is also available for the Mac Operating System. But be attentive while downloading files, don’t try to download and install the Windows file in Mac.

May I Download adobe photoshop using Amtemu?

  • Never, Ametmu is not a downloader device it will only help you to activate the Adobe product. But in case you are looking for software that helps you to download Adobe Photoshop then you can use CCMaker.

Why Amtemu?

  • Amtemu is an activation device for Adobe products such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Acrobat, and others. The best reason to use is that it will perform you fixed activation totally free of cost.

Is Amtemu free to use?

  • Obviously, Amtemu is a free device made for everyone you can use it on many computers you as you wish. You will never charged money for this and it doesn’t require for a subscription.


AMTEmu by PainteR is one of the most useful activator of adobe products. It has the most effective features which other activators don’t provide such facility.

Moreover, when you use any other instrument to activate adobe products then you must be scared of being caught and being banned from Adobe.

It is matter of happiness that you are using AMT Emulator you are tension free of such things, as it doesn’t share your statistics with Adobe nor it track your activities. It not allows Adobe to access your current activities and makes you anonymous.

In lieu of this, it allows you to get updates from the creative cloud, which is a great thing. By this way you will never miss any updates from Adobe and always get the latest version directly and surely from creative cloud app.


AMTEmu by PainteR is a free device that is used to activate the Adobe Products. This instrument is capable to activate all the versions from 2018 and belove.

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