Adobe Zii 5.3.2 Download For Mac

Adobe ZiiAre you willing to download Adobe Zii 5.3.2? If so then welcome you came at the right place because in today’s guide I will instruct you how you can download this device from our website. In lieu of this I will inform you some of the best features of it and lesson you how you can operate it.

Adobe Zii is the best device for Mac users who don’t eager to buy Adobe products but still wanted to use it on their computers. There are many devices present for the computer but it is the only tool that is made for the mac os users as well.

The eminent activator device of Windows is Amtemu which is promoted by Russian developer PainteR but matter of sorrow that, it doesn’t support Mac.

What is Adobe Zii?

It is an activation device for all the Adobe products and it supports Mac only. This is the only device that you can run on macOS and can find the full version of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Illustrator, and so on.

It is promoted by the tnt and it supports the activation of newer and older versions including 2023 products.

Adobe Zii is very easy and simple to use because it has the ability to automatically detect the product installed on your computer.

By this way, you won’t confuse about selecting the right product. It is so simple to use because everything works automatically and you don’t have to follow so many steps.

Speciality of Using Adobe Zii:

Who doesn’t use and operate Adobe products in their life? Sure, everyone does! We use Photoshop to edit our photos, remove background, retouching and do a lot of fun with it.

Even though,developers use dreamweaver for coding and check their codes live after effects can be used in editing videos. Illustrator is also a device that is used for making vector graphics, logos, and info graphics, etc.

Then the issue came here is that all products come with 15 days of free trial which means you cannot use them after 15 days.After that it will be disable.

They will inform you to buy if you wanted to continue using it on your computer. As you know that everyone can’t afford to purchase it because they have shortage of money. This is the major reason to use Adobe Zii on your computer because it allows you to activate everything free of cost. You Can Also Download Microsoft Toolkit Free For MS Office

Adobe Zii Features:

So far we realize that it is the best activator for Adobe products then let’s talk about the features of this awesome tool. I have listed some main features beneath which you can read and understand it even better.


  • Adobe Zii is a very dependable device and it never crashes while using it on your mac.

Self Activation:

  • Another characteristic of this tool is that it automatically detects the product installed on your computer. After that you just need to click on Patch and it will automatically activate the installed product on your machine.

Manual Activation:

  • Somehow, you face a issue in detecting the installed software on your computer then don’t concern about this.
  • Because it also permits you Manual activation which is also called Drag/Drop activation. Everything you need to do is manually drag that application and drop it in Adobe Zii


  • Adobe ZII supports almost all latest and older version of Mac so whether you are running a macOS Sierra or macOS Lion, you can still use it on your device without any problem.

Adobe Zii MacPermanent Activation:

  • If Someone thinks this tool only expands the trial period which is totally incorrect. By using this apps you will get a lifetime license for that software without any concern.
  • This license will active until you install a new macOS or you upgrade the program.

Virus & malware Free:

  • Adobe Zii is clean software and it doesn’t contain any types of virus in it. It is scanned by Virus total and found no malicious anything in it.

Totally Free of Cost:

  • Then you will be concern about that it will cost you money, aren’t you? If yes then don’t concern about it. T.N.T the developer of this device made it free of cost for everyone.
  • However, in case if you find a website selling this activator you can directly inform this to its developer.

Download Adobe Zii:

  • As you have realized everything on how beneficial is this software now you must be eager to download it.
  • Let’s go forward, here is the complete step by step guide on how to download Adobe Zii by using our provided link. We don’t use any pop-up or pop-under ads the links are totally clean.

Download Adobe zii:

  • However, first of all, you will see Download Adobe Zii labelled button beneath, just tap on that button and you will be redirected to the download page.
  • On that page, you can see other information about the device and also find another download button there. Therefore, now again click on that button and then you will find the mediafire page.
  • From here you need to click on that green button and it will take 5 seconds to load,then, the file will start downloading automatically.
  • That’s all about the process now within some time your file will be downloaded and you can then move to our beneath guide on how you can use it.

Disable Gatekeeper on macOS:

  • First of all we move to the guide we need to first disable the Gatekeeper as by default we cannot use any apps from third-party developers. If you have already known how to bypass this then you can just move to the how to use guide.
  • Because,It is only for those who don’t know how to disable the Gatekeeper and facing the problem at the time of installation.

Whatever, so here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Open Finder and from the above menu click go and now from the list select Utilities.
  • Then, you need to open Terminal from there.
  • In terminal type the following command and hit enter:
  • Sudo spctl –master-disable
  • Then type the password of administrator and hit enter.
  • After that close terminal and then select apple icon from the above menu and select system preferences.
  • After this, you have to click on security & privacy.
  • Open general section and then click lock icon located beneath and it will require for the password so type it and hit enter.
  • At this time tick, anywhere option under allow Apps Downloaded From.
  • Then you are done with it so easily move to the next guide.

How To Use Adobe Zii:

Open the folder where you have downloaded this file in most cases it is Downloads. Here you will find the zip file of Adobe Zii so just doubles click on it to extract.

Then, it will create the folder with same name as it was on zipping.

Open that folder and in this folder, you will find the AdobeZii.dmg file so here you need to double click on the DMG file.

After clicking on it the app will be start opening and then you will find the window appears with the files.

If the window doesn’t appear you will simply open Desktop and get the Disk Image there.

Double click on the icon of Adobe Zii and it will open a prompt message that it is downloaded from Unknown Developer just overlook it and select Open.

Here you can see the window of Adobe Zii Activator so from here just press the patch or drag button.

It will begin to detect the products you have installed on your Mac Computer. So, after doing this it will require for the root permission so press ok.

At this time you will be required to enter the administrator password. Then just type the password and click on the ok button.

Now the application will begin patching the photoshop or other product you are using and then you view completed message there.

That’s all about it the application is now successfully patched and now you can use it as you want without any disyurbance. You have the authentic license of it and can use that product for the lifetime.

How to Check Activation:

Many people are still perplexed that if their product is registered or not so if you are also confused then you should follow these steps carefully to check whether your product is registered or not.

  • Firstly, you have to start any program which you have installed (except Adobe Acrobat Pro DC).
  • Then just click on Help which is located above on the screen.
  • Here you have to check if K’d by TNT Team is available or not. If you don’t view that dialogue it means that you made some mistakes so just follow all the above steps again until you view this written there.

That’s all about it you have now successfully activated your Adobe product and now you can enjoy all the fabulous features of it for the lifetime. Moreover, keep in mind to never update your Adobe applications else you may lose registration.

Pros And Cons:

  • Though it is the best device that is used to activate the Adobe Products on Mac Operating System but still there are some disadvantage in it. The list of some pros and cons of this tool which you should check before downloading mension in beneath.


  • It is a totally free device which is used for activating Adobe
  • This is the only device which is available for the Mac users
  • It assists you to get a authentic license for lifetime
  • This is a free device and you will never be charged any penny
  • It increases your performance
  • It is free from virus or malware
  • 100% Anti ban you can operate or use your Adobe ID with this.


  • The first start will require some time
  • You may face disabling Gatekeeper problem
  • The developer hasn’t updated it from 2017 to 2020
  • It is a piracy device which may be illegal in your country
  • This device is promoted by a third-party developer.


Adobe Zii is the best tool if you are looking for the best device for your Mac. However,if you didn’t find it effective or it doesn’t work as well then you

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